Mobile Survey Apps

The evolution of smartphones has made life easy for people since it gives them control of their operations with just a click of a button. Aside from shopping, booking flights and communicating with phones, people are now earning by using paid survey apps.

These days, apps aren’t just for playing games and connecting with friends- they can also be used to earn cash.

How mobile survey apps work

Online surveys are done by Kenyan companies who need realistic statistics on certain products for informed decisions. Consumer products are among the products which attract the attention of online survey companies. Such institutions pay participants in terms of MPESA or PayPal. There are marketing companies that conduct regular surveys online and their target population is individuals with mobile phones.

Once you install a survey app into your phone, you register just like any other app and start earning by answering the easy questions they ask. However, different apps offer different types of surveys sometimes depending on your area of interest which you fill out in your profile.

Examples of paying mobile survey apps

  1. Geopoll
  2. Triaba
  3. Palm Research Kenya
  4. Mob rog
  5. Ipoll
  6. OnePoll
  7. Swagbucks Kenya
  8. InboxDollars
  9. Surveyeah

These are the most popular survey apps in Kenya and their frequent payment method is MPESA, which makes it easier for people to withdraw their cash. More details are found on

Merits of Mobile Survey Apps

  1. Mobile surveys enable companies to reach their target audiences easily
  2. They are easy to administer
  3. They are easy to analyze and make decisions
  4. The researchers can determine whether the respondent is the intended person to undertake the survey

Demerits of Mobile Survey Apps

  1. Some mobile survey apps are not compatible with some devices therefore the researchers may miss the opinions of those with different smartphone models.
  2. Mobile surveys are not suitable for long and complex questions
  3. Some target audiences do not have smartphones therefore researchers may never get their responses.

More details are found on


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