Its funny how we say we are not controlled by others but in reality we are so fast to check our followers ,likes,comments,tweets name them all.
The social media has caged all of us but we always deny this fact.
The ladies get so much insecurities after they see fine ass chicks with thick thighs drip through their gram pics.Literally the words that come after this is “si ningekua hivi” Those ladies with tummies will buy fat burn pills just to get the Abs and thinner waist .Their comes “wale wa mgongo ndefu ” (Lmao) as it is said in the streets will take in supplements or go for a butt injection to get that fine looking ass and you’ll see them doing the period challenge (IYKYK).To those of us that want to remain natural have to go through body shaming in all of the social media’s and get memmed at(So sad btw) .We will sidle through the streets with out face down afraid to be noticed.
Our Men also have a Fair share of this as they are made to be inferior to their emotions with the mentality that wananchi have that ‘Men don’t cry and those who do are weaklings’ its sad right?Crazy how men nowadays are discriminated do to their size of famously ‘Chuma ya Doshi’. 50% less or more women will date depending on this and all of these is due to the social media effect that has corrupted our ladies.The less previledged men would take pills to increase their manhood and look they’ll just flex for few years or months and boom they will start experiencing complications.And this is the side effect of our generation .All I could say is fit into the generation but never change to fit in the generation.


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