Importance of Skills to an Individual and the Society


The society we live in requires humans to constantly engage their skills in innovating new ideas and things which can deem helpful to an individual and the community at large. With the constant changes occurring in our day to day lives, humans seek the need to gain more skills which will help them survive the harsh conditions that life takes them through. Depending on one’s passion and ability, there are many types of skills which can be learnt. The following are benefits associated with development of skills:

  • To an Individual

Knowledge of skills helps one to establish new ways to solve problems and create self-awareness of oneself and others. Also, it helps people realise the effect of their actions hence they are able to responsibly control the outcome of any actions instead of merely blaming other people. When a person has a useful skill, he/she feels confident when sharing it to other people.

  • For Employment

A new skill is definitely a new source of employment hence people are encouraged to master more skills as they would elevate them. Skilful employers are able solve problems at work more efficiently and can adapt to the business environment more easily. It also enhances cooperation during work.

  • To the Society

The society enjoys many benefits from people who are skilful since it offers more opportunities to the people around it. For one, knowledge of skills engages people’s minds hence they become productive to the society. Different types of skills enhance diversity in the community.

Skills are important to our livelihoods since they build people and the society at large.

By Eliud Mwangi


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