Five Apps You Need Now That You Are Home


With so much time free right now, thanks to Corona Virus, we all need some essential apps. In an ocean f over 8 million apps available on both Android and iPhone systems, choosing the most important ones can be an Achilles heel. However, we have done the hard work for you. This list complies our favorites, those that have contributed to our productivity during this period of working away from the office.

A Banking App

For all digital natives, nobody wants to go queue at the bank to make money transactions. A banking app is essential given that you will walk or sit (LoL) with your bank in hand. Downloading a banking app for instance CBA Loop or Standard Chartered Banking app makes it easy to make direct bank transactions. The best part, you can us deposit and withdraw from your Mpesa account. A banking app with enable you to keep track of your spending and also savings.

Project Management Tools

Managing people away from a central point can be such a hustle. Using a project management tool such as slack helps you and your colleagues to communicate in an organized channel. It is a chatroom that can be used group discussions, it allows private messaging, sharing of information and files all in the same space.

Other project management tools and software that you can try including: Workzone, Basecamp, mindmap, status table among a hundred others which make work more effective and efficient.

Video Conferencing Apps

The award goes to Zoom during this Corona period. Video conferencing apps have become very essential. It is the use of technology which allows individuals in different areas to hold meetings. Apart from Zoom, there is Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Skype among others.

Coursera App

This is an educative app. With so many certificate, diploma and degree programs. You can access short courses for free and others at a friendly price. We can all benefit from learning a new skill or honing on the ones we have now for self-improvement purposes.

Calm App

After a long day of working, we need to relax. This app is our favorite for sleep and meditation. With its plethora of sleep stories, breathing programs, guided exercises and music be assured to be awed. Best for those stressful and anxious moments.

Netflix App

Catch up with the latest TV shows, Movies, animations and an array of entertainment. Make a lot of popcorn and relax after a long working day.


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