3rd Annual International Multi-Disciplinary Conference


The University of Nairobi will be hosting the 3rd Annual International Multi-Disciplinary Conference from 14th to 16th October, 2020. It will be conducted virtually as per the government directives and applications are available at https://uonresearch.org/current-events/rw-imc2020/

The  College of Humanities and Social Sciences  announces the 3rd Annual International Multi-Disciplinary Conference 2020 at the University of Nairobi under the theme:

Conference Theme: Global and Local Response to Emerging Issues in the Second Decade of the Millennium: Opportunities and Threats.

Due to the current corona virus pandemic, they will this year hold the conference virtually, and participants will for the first time interact virtually. The University of Nairobi is, therefore, making all the necessary arrangements to make this conference deliver a unique experience to the participants.

About the Conference

This three day virtual conference presents an opportunity for scholars, educators and PhD students to share their research and explore now frontiers in academia on emerging issues, opportunities and threats in the contemporary world.Dr. Kathleen Anangwe, Cayako@uonbi.ac.ke


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